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Palermo, the commander in charge, is temporarily blinded in the struggle, but retains command after Nairobi removes glass shrapnel from his eyes, and the guards restrained. The Professor, Benjamin and the others attempt to free Lisbon. The Professor, Benjamin and the others attempt to free Lisbon. Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalize our services and to customise our online advertisements. The robbers reveal that they know about a second, secret vault behind the gold and attempt to persuade the governor of the bank to open it for them. The Professor then nationally broadcasts a video of himself exposing the illegal detainment of Lisbon inside the police tent outside the bank. The Professor, skeptical of the announcement, posts a fake casting call for clowns at the hospital and dresses up like one, blending in with the crowd while confirming the hoax. Lisbon's ex-husband, Alberto, examines the ambulance that the Professor and Lisbon had used for mobile transportation and broadcasting, and finds a phone SIM card that Lisbon had attempted to destroy. Current Episode (aired 3 Apr. Meanwhile, Lisbon is transported to a police tent outside the bank, where she is interrogated by Sierra. £39.99 Shop Now. See, Some publications refer to "part" as "season. Warning: Contains spoilers for Money Heist season 4. That has to be good news to fans of the series. La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist, released in 2017, recently came out with its fourth season.The crime drama is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now and it's absolutely binge-worthy.. RELATED: Money Heist: 10 Scenes Even Fans Didn't See Coming The series follows a group of individuals who plan a heist in Spain, led by a criminal mastermind called The Professor. The Professor threatens to kill the man's family if the, Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato, Pablo Roa & Esther Morales. The TV show portrays heists on the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain by a group of code-named robbers, as they battle with hostages on the inside, and the police on the outside. One year later, Raquel has left the force and the robbers' whereabouts are still unknown. Popular Netflix series “Money Heist” (La Casa de Papel) has wrapped shooting its fifth season, the streamer revealed on Friday. A new photo confirms that Netflix's Money Heist has wrapped filming on season 5. The Professor and Lisbon have an argument and lose communication with the team inside the bank, just after learning this. In flashbacks, the Professor instructs the team, preparing them to detect and remove these devices surgically from Rio, if the time comes. On the day of the heist, things don't go as … So much so that the series, created by Spanish television channel Antena 3, was effectively binned. [5] A documentary involving the producers and the cast premiered on Netflix the same day, titled Money Heist: The Phenomenon. The two began their love affair even when they knew the Professor had banned the team from getting involved. Nairobi reveals her love for Helsinki and berates Palermo for not acting on his feelings for Berlin when he was alive. Summary: Money Heist - Seasons 3 Tokyo and Rio’s relationship has been a major point of ‘Money Heist’. Javier Gómez Santander, Álex Pina, Juan Salvador López, Luis Moya, Esther Martínez Lobato. Sierra tells Lisbon that if she cooperates, her probable 30 year sentence would potentially be reduced to 10 years, and that she would be out in five years. Inside the bank, the team divides when Nairobi and Palermo disagree over the use of force on the unruly restrained guards. With Tokyo in charge, the ego-centric Palermo is about to walk out of the bank before he is restrained to a chair by the gang. Sadly, I must admit the subtitles gave me pause. The Spanish crime drama was created by Álex Pina under the title, La casa de papel (in English, "The Paper House"), as a two-part limited series on the Spanish television channel, Antenna 3. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys APA Heritage Month STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Next Episode (airs 2021) Episode #5.1. Tamayo calls Gandía's communications centre, but the telecommunication cords are cut by Bogotá before he can answer. Bogotá, uses his expertise in diving and welding to overcome the lock down, granting access to the gold. Orange is the New Black - Seasons 1-6. Index of Money Heist Season 1: Part 1. As Lisbon descends from the helicopter, the gang creates a ruse on the roof to create the impression that Gandía is fighting. While Covid-19 pandemic has affected the production of many shows, Netflix has confirmed Money Heist season 5. She finally realises that Salva is the Professor. Money Heist seasons 1 – 4 are now available to watch worldwide on Netflix. The main plot of the story revolves around the last life of eight of the biggest theives of all time whose names are coded as countries and the mastermind of the heist known as the “professor.” The team is set to pull the biggest robberies of all time in Spain at the Royal Mint of Spain. Although burnt, it is able to be analyzed, and the police find solely one call that was made to, The gang rush to find Gandía. A dancer who gets a job cleaning at a struggling drag club dreams of being in the show, and her talent catches an ambitious choreographer's eye. In the present, the Professor and Marseille break into the apartment of Tamayo's assistant, Antoñanzas, but he jumps out of his window into the pool below. Learning that certain social barriers will prevent her fiancé from partaking in a celebratory wedding custom, a bride sets out to challenge the rules. The series grew in popularity after Netflix Spain picked it up in … ", "It's back! Created by Álex Pina. Whoever Keeps Trying It, Gets It (Season 1, Episode 9) - 8.7. In flashbacks, Berlin tells the Professor that the dozens of hostages could stage a rebellion at some point, and that it would be wise to have an infiltrated member pose as a hostage to diffuse a potential revolt. 2020) Plan París. A husband (Jason Momoa) vows to bring justice to those responsible for his wife’s death while protecting the only family he has left — his daughter. Few people realise that the first two seasons, while popular, failed to deliver viewership numbers domestically. Money Heist 2017 | 18+ | 4 Seasons | TV Thrillers Eight thieves take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan. Here’s the latest and everything we know so far about Money Heist season 5 including when we can expect the release date, where the show is in filming and some teases about potential spin-offs. The Professor admits that he has fallen in love with her, and she performs a, Moscow is gravely injured by police gunfire and the police refuse to send aid. Tamayo's assault begins, taking the robbers and the Professor by surprise. Lisbon is reunited with the gang, and they chant "for Nairobi!" Money Heist 2017 | TV-MA | 4 Seasons | TV Thrillers Eight thieves take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan. The crew begins the next phase of the robbery while the Professor addresses the new government officials from the intelligence directorate. An iconoclastic idealist runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car in this series based on Michael Connelly's bestselling novels. [2] Netflix officially renewed the series for a third part in 2018,[3] which premiered on 19 July 2019. The robbers rush to escape with the €984 million they printed, less than half of their estimate. TV Schedule. After she extracts information from his wife, she obtains security camera footage from outside the apartment building, and watches footage of Antoñanzas being helped out of the pool by the Professor, as well as the license plate of his car from the parking lot. The exchange proceeds smoothly and he rejoins the robbers. Raquel's ex-husband Alberto is called in to lead the forensics examination, and finds burned evidence about the Professor in the chimney. Raquel's mother, who has. The series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of … Benjamín and his crew, disguised as court personnel, seize the guards as Lisbon is escorted from the court through the parking garage. The gang uncover the tunnel to the panic room behind the governor's bathroom. Tamayo agrees and organizes a second breach led by Suárez. The robbers rush to finish their escape tunnel. The worldwide streaming rights of the show Index of Money Heist season 1 was acquired by Netflix in 2017. In flashbacks, Nairobi asks the Professor to be the father of her child by, Emilio Díez, Luis Moya, Ana Boyero, Jaun Salvador López, A wounded Gandía makes it back to the panic room. As Sierra is fired and legal proceedings begin against her, she commences a pursuit of the Professor on her own. An unusual group of robbers attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history - stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. She also makes an attempt to convince Rio to surrender. Yes! Raquel visits Ángel in the hospital, where the police arrest her. Raquel finds the Professor's hideout and she is tied up. [6][7] On 31 July 2020, Netflix renewed the show for a fifth and final part. They fit his apartment with fake bombs as an alibi if the police discover him working for the Professor. Nairobi surgically removes the listening device. As of 3 April 2020, 31[a] episodes of Money Heist have aired, concluding the second season. Netflix/Lionsgate/Tilted Productions Amazon. A team of police are brought to the discovered villa and search through "evidence" planted by the Professor earlier. Nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation's dark secrets. Ángel, who is taken off the case, is in a, Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato, Javier Gómez Santander, Pablo Roa, Fernando Sancristóbal & Esther Morales, Thanks to Arturo's plan, 17 hostages manage to escape, seriously injuring Oslo in the process. Season 3 is by far the best season of money heist. While the hostages are leaving, Arturo, wanting to see his ex-girlfriend, runs into the Bank of Spain just before the door closes, and becomes a hostage. Money Heist season 5 creator refuses to continue La Casa De Papel ; Money Heist … The Professor intercepts Tamayo's request for a helicopter, and brings his own, acquired on the black market, piloted by Marseille to deceptively transport a disguised Lisbon to the bank. This page was last edited on 5 April 2021, at 23:01. Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato, Javier Gómez Santander, Pablo Roa, Fernando Sancristóbal, Esther Morales & David Barrocal, Berlin exacts revenge on Tokyo for her mutiny, in which she played. However, Sierra is able to unbalance the Professor and Raquel Murillo (now code-named "Lisbon"), with psychological taunting. When Alberto awakes, he arrests the Professor and brings him to jail. The final set of episodes for season 5 will … Meanwhile, Gandía unties Tokyo to remove the shrapnel from his back, but she knocks him unconscious and the group frees her. The robbers locate accomplices among the hostages who were previously planted in the Bank and go to work on opening the vault, which is rigged to flood with water once tampered with. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Created by … The fourth season consists of eight episodes that run for 43-61 minutes each. When he refuses, Denver hits him, triggering a seizure; they resuscitate him and use explosives instead. Summary: Money Heist - All Seasons Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de papel, “The House of Paper”) is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina. At a moral crossroads, she initially refuses to divulge the Professor's hideout, but when Colonel Prieto threatens her with several charges that would cause her to lose custody of her daughter, she relents. With her gun and badge taken away, she steals Ángel's, The police, led by Suárez, launch an attack on the Mint to liberate the hostages and capture the robbers. Meanwhile, the Professor, at first distraught at believing Lisbon to be executed, manages to escape the forest after Marseille lures the police away with a tracker they believe to be the Professor escaping. Given no other option, the robbers detonate the inner vault door inside the flooded main chamber. Andrés defends her, stating that he is in love, but the Professor vehemently disagrees, arguing that the first rule of the heist must be to forego personal attachments. This riveting crime series won Best Drama at the International Emmy Awards, Premios Fénix and Premios Iris (plus six more Iris wins). Later, while Salva meets with Raquel at a cafe, she sees an orange hair from his clown wig on his jacket. Syamsneh K. Oct 06, 2020. After an argument between gang members develops about the decision to perform surgery on Nairobi, Tokyo stages a, Ana Boyero, Jaun Salvador López, Emilio Díez, Luis Moya. The robbers initiate a plan to use the hostages to stall the police and gain more time, but Raquel takes the chance to reveal a secret that Berlin has kept from the others—he only has a few months left to live due to a terminal illness. Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de papel, transl. Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato, Javier Gómez Santander, Pablo Roa & Fernando Sancristóbal, Raquel loses her trust in Ángel, who is unaware of the bug the robbers planted in his glasses. Tokyo calls the Professor, who is furious at her coup, however, Tokyo helps him deduce that the police had staged Lisbon's execution and that she is being interrogated inside the police tent. In a press conference, Colonel Prieto denies Rio's accusations, but Marseille forces a man who had taken part in Rio's torture in Algeria to corroborate Rio's story, which is broadcast nationally via video during the press conference. Meanwhile, the Professor enlists Benjamín, father of Manila, and his crew to participate in a plan to free Lisbon. thats all it can say. Another reason I was hesitant, Money Heist was currently in its fourth season. Are the walls finally closing in on … La Casa de Papel, better known in the English-speaking world as Money Heist, has wrapped on its fifth and final season for Netflix. Tamayo tells Sierra that she must take the blame. By clicking accept, you accept the use of all cookies and your information for the purposes mentioned above. just as Sierra finds the Professor's hideout, and holds him at gunpoint. He instructs Tokyo to act normal in spite of the listening device, as he hopes to use their sexual intimacy to convince the police that the listening device is working. ... « Season 3 | Season 4 | Season … Gandía has already found Nairobi and attempts to suffocate her with a pillow, but she is able to stab him in the neck with a needle; he flees as the gang rush to Nairobi. Arturo prepares another plan to escape, but becomes devastated upon discovering Mónica and Denver's affair. The, Ana Boyero, Emilio Díez, Luis Moya, Jaun Salvador López. Lisbon escapes through the tunnel. Gandía later almost kills Helsinki by hanging as he drops a noose around his neck from the ceiling. With Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso. Know what this is about? The series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of … Before his car accident, Ángel had left a voice message on Raquel's landline explaining that Salva was the one behind the heist. He calls Raquel, who helps release him. Be the first one to add a plot. Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño. In flashbacks, Berlin confronts Palermo about his feelings towards him, while also revealing his own feelings for Palermo. After a failed heist, Tokyo is recruited by The Professor to join his crew in order to steal millions in Euros from the European Union Mint. Colonel Prieto, Suárez, and Alberto confront Raquel and remove her from the case after they identify the Professor as Salva (Sergio), with whom they believe Raquel is co-operating. 2020) Plan París. On July 31, 2020, it was confirmed that the show would be back for its fifth and final season. A love interest between Palermo and Helsinki is revealed. Having relied on mobile transportation and broadcasting, they become stuck when a tree breaks their antenna and the wheels of their, Javier Gómez Santander, Álex Pina, Almudena Ramírez-Pantanella, Ana Boyero, Juan Salvador López, Luis Moya, Sierra prepares Rio for release at a military hospital. A fourth part was released on 3 April 2020. In the meantime, Raquel's relationship with her new friend Salva becomes more intimate, totally oblivious to the fact that it is a, Raquel sends her police partner Ángel Rubio into the Mint undercover with a medical team that is allowed to treat Arturo, who was mistakenly shot by the police. In flashbacks, Andrés and Martín explain the plan for breaking into the vault, explaining that every step of the plan requires 100 percent commitment and perfection to work, leaving no room for error. Related articles. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. The gang forces Gandía to radio Tamayo that he is in another attack and requests to be evacuated from the roof. Don’t get me wrong, I love foreign content, but the notion of reading subtitles after a long day foolishly kept me away. Colonel Tamayo and Alicia Sierra prove to be formidable adversaries, as they quickly realize that they must change their strategies drastically from the first robbery. As of 3 April 2020, 31 episodes of Money Heist have aired, concluding the second season. In the present, Sierra admits to several damaging acts to the press, including implicating Tamayo. Two cops (Bruno Gagliasso, Raúl Arévalo) must learn to work together to catch the world's most-wanted drug dealer, whose face has never been revealed. Eight thieves take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan. Money Heist season 5 will consist of 10 episodes, two more episodes than any season so far. During the reunion, the police and government intelligence team listen in on their conversations, having planted a listening device inside Rio before releasing him. You can change (your cookie preferences); by clicking accept, you accept all cookies. The cast and crew are currently filming in Madrid. Summary: Money Heist - All Seasons Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de papel, “The House of Paper”) is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina. When Raquel notices coordinates on a postcard previously given to her by the Professor, she tracks him down in, Over two years after the heist, Arturo gives a talk to a large crowd condemning the fugitive members of the gang who held him and others hostage at the Mint as "terrorists." It works and grants them access to "the red boxes"—cases filled with government secrets that were too dangerous to lock anywhere else. The series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of … The remaining robbers, with the addition of Mónica, escape to the Professor's hideout minutes before the police arrive to find it empty. Javier Gómez Santander, Álex Pina, Juan Salvador López, Luis Moya. [b], In late 2017, Netflix acquired the global streaming rights for the series,[1] and re-cut the original 15 episodes into 22. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. In the present, Sierra plans to neutralize the Professor's blackmail leverage by releasing false information to the media. Netflix and third parties use cookies (why?). Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix. With regards to the fifth season, here is what we’ve got. Adam A. Oct 05, 2020. The streaming network unveiled the news regarding the fact that there won’t be a Money Heist season 6. Raquel and the Professor kiss passionately and he lets her go. It even had a cool title: Money Heist. [4] A fourth part was released on 3 April 2020. He reveals to Sierra the contents of the cases and that the Professor has the advantage—an attack might force the robbers to make the secrets public. Season 1 | Season 2 » See also. To stall for time and prevent bloodshed, Denver runs into the line of fire with a truce flag carrying two of the red cases, which forces Tamayo to stop. Raquel takes the Professor into custody and interrogates him at the villa. The Professor gets people to put up posters all over Madrid that bear the face of Rio with the title "buried alive," and nationally broadcasts a video of Rio recounting his illegal detainment and torture by police. Nadia feels conflicted about whether or not to see her long distance boyfriend, Guzmán, when she returns to Spain for her sister's wedding. Unfortunately, like all new shows and movies that were in the works in March 2020 and after, Money Heist season 5 … Perhaps the best season of Money-heist. [8], Part 1 was re-cut and released as 13 episodes on 20 December 2017 on Netflix, and Part 2 was re-cut and released as 9 episodes on 6 April 2018 on Netflix. Privately, Rio breaks up with Tokyo, believing that she will be better off with someone else. Summary: Money Heist - All Seasons Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de papel, “The House of Paper”) is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina. Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) is returning for a fifth and final season on Netflix in the second half of 2021. Next Episode (airs 2021) Episode #5.1. Money Heist (2017– ) Episode List. In late 2017, Netflix acquired the global streaming rights for the series, and re-cut the original 15 episodes into 22. At a restaurant, Benjamín and Marseille construct a tunnel that leads to the parking garage of the Supreme Court, where Lisbon is brought to testify. Before Gandía retreats to a secret, In flashbacks, Denver and Moscow ask the Professor if Juan, Moscow's godchild, can join them in the heist, but the Professor is hesitant. This crime thriller, which holds the current record for the most-viewed non-English title on Netflix, has been well admired for its insurgent heist, feminist themes, comedic components and intriguing story-telling. After speaking with Rio, the Professor says that he deserves, "a little vacation," the code phrase that confirms he is bugged. Sierra deduces that Antoñanzas must be a mole. Meanwhile, Tokyo and Rio have relocated to, Álex Pina, Javier Gómez Santander, Juan Salvador López, Luis Moya, Alberto Úcar, David Barrocal, The Professor initiates the plan to rob the Bank of Spain using, Álex Pina, Javier Gómez Santander, Juan Salvador López, Luis Moya. But the show’s creator Álex Pina has suggested that the new series won't be released until after September 2021. However, the Professor sees through her move and inserts a, The Professor runs ahead of the police to get rid of an important piece of evidence that can endanger his plans, their fingerprints in a car at a, Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato, Javier Gómez Santander & Fernando Sancristóbal, As the Professor rushes out of the scrap yard, a man sees him. Netflix to screen Casa de Papel aka Money Heist Series 3 in July", "Por qué 'La casa de papel' ha sido un inesperado éxito internacional", "Netflix emitirá un documental sobre el fenómeno de 'La casa de papel,, Lists of crime drama television series episodes, Lists of Spanish television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, In the aftermath of a failed bank robbery by a woman named ", Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato, Javier Gómez Santander, Pablo Roa, Fernando Sancristóbal & David Barrocal, The robbers begin to print the money while, Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato & David Barrocal, Believing that Denver executed Mónica under Berlin's orders, Moscow, Denver's father, is devastated and attempts to turn himself in but is dissuaded by his son. Based on the horror franchise. MONEY Heist season four was a hit with fans on Netflix - and many are looking forward to a season five. The Professor walks out of the villa held at gunpoint by Raquel, but she is emotionally unable and unwilling to stop him from escaping. Meanwhile, the robbers start losing hope after many hours without news from the Professor, and Tokyo begins a mutiny after becoming restless. Smash-hit television series Money Heist (or La Casa De Papel in Spain) blew up on the international stage after being picked up by Netflix in 2017. Know what this is about? This deflates Tamayo's plans, and he calls off his planned assault on the bank. The House of Paper) is a Spanish television series created by Álex Pina. I love it. Bogotá and Tokyo save Helsinki. By the Professor's promise that he will free Tokyo from the police, Rio rejoins the robbers and helps them stop Arturo's latest escape plan. Yet, the two stuck together and the third part began with them relaxing in paradise. At the exchange, Rio is shocked by the massive crowds gathered in support of the robbers, wearing red jumpsuits and Dalí masks. Be the first one to add a plot. Tokyo ultimately leads the successful surgery of Nairobi, removing the bullet by cutting out a portion of her lung. While commandeering the Bank, the robbers engage in a series of intense conflicts with guards and government officials. Money Heist, which is also known as La Casa de Papal, has been renewed for a fifth season. Is Money Heist season 5 delayed? Sierra tortures Rio for more information and Tamayo plans an assault on the bank with Suárez. Netflix officially renewed the series for a third part in 2018, which premiered on 19 July 2019. In flashbacks, Marseille, Bogotá and the Professor celebrate Berlin's wedding to Tatiana, but the Professor expresses concern to Berlin about marrying since he has a terminal illness. The Professor and Marseille help Antoñanzas out of the pool, and persuade him to do tasks for them by offering him €1 million. Meanwhile, Raquel sets a trap for the Professor by creating a hoax that Ángel has awakened from his coma, in hopes it will lure him to the hospital to finish him off before he can identify the Professor. Gandía shoots a hole through the door and forces her head through it while he ties her hands to the door. The Professor uses the bathroom at the prison and beats himself up to make it look like Alberto was the aggressor. Money Heist (2017– ) Episode List. Money Heist Season 5 Release Date ‘Money Heist’ season 4 premiered on April 3, 2020, on Netflix. Javier Gómez Santander, Álex Pina, Juan Salvador López, Luis Moya, Ana Boyero, In flashbacks, the Professor discusses the plans for the bank with Martín, Andrés, and Andrés' love interest, Tatiana, where he is immediately alarmed at how much she knows. In Season 4 of Money Heist, Sierra holds the Professor at gunpoint, concluding on a dramatic cliffhanger. The Professor, Moscow and Denver meet Juan, who is now a, Esther Martínez Lobato, Emilio Díez, Luis Moya, The gang hears Nairobi's gun fire, and they rush to her. Index of Money Heist season 1, also known as ‘La Casa de Papel’, is a popular Spanish crime series and we will discuss all the related things with this.We will see how can you can easily download all the episodes of money heist. In the present, Gandía restrains Tokyo in the panic room, and announces on the bank's intercom that he has Tokyo, and that Palermo was the one who aided his escape. Antoñanzas admits that Lisbon is being held in the tent; the Professor gives him his watch to wear so that she would know that the Professor is aware that she is alive. As the police race to the hideout, a tactical squad inside the Mint is fought off by Berlin so the rest of the robbers can escape in time, until he is shot multiple times. Salva rides back to Madrid with Alberto and provokes him into a fight, knocking him out and erasing the evidence. Four seasons seemed too far beyond my reach even as a binge. Current Episode (aired 3 Apr. The police manage to locate the Professor and Lisbon using a, Javier Gómez Santander, Álex Pina, Almudena Ramírez-Pantanella, Emilio Díez, Luis Moya, Esther Morales, Ana Boyero, Jaun Salvador López, The gang rushes to save Nairobi's life, but given the risks surrounding the surgery that they must perform on her, she pleads to be released to the police so that she can get proper care. This drama series from Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay explores Kaepernick's high school years and the experiences that led him to become an activist. They passionately kiss, however, Berlin says they must part ways and give up the plan because their love would interfere too much. They strap them with bombs, bring in a woman disguised as Lisbon, and force them to take their normally scheduled route. The first season, consisting of two parts, premiered on 2 May 2017, on Spanish network Antena 3. That has to be good news to fans of the series.