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The late 70s and early 80s were the decades that Japanese City Pop was at its peak. Jazz, funk and electronic music mixed up the Japanese way. Tourist In Paradise The Rippingtons, Brandon Fields, Carl Anderson. Saitou Yuki - Yours [कζ Translation] by Trade ζanguage published on 2014-07-27T05:46:48Z. The chill, retro, R&B, funk, chill music showed just how prosperous Japan was during that time. One of the best diggers of obscure Japanese gems right now is Kay Suzuki. An excellent example is the playlist Suzuki recently compiled for The Ransom Note. 80s シティーポップ (Japanese 80s Funk / City Pop / Fusion) By Alessandro Strickner. Playing tracks by. Japanese 1980s Funk: amazing 70-minute musical groove mixtape Colin Marshall 10:36 am Mon Feb 2, 2015 If offered the chance to visit any time and place in the 20th century, I'd go to Japan … Follow Mixed Feelings to never miss another show. SoundCloud. 7 months ago. Read more: Relax with this classy mix of rare ’80s Japanese disco obscurities, Published on March 6, 2018 14:58 Berlin Time, Relax with this classy mix of rare ’80s Japanese disco obscurities. Playing Games Miki J. A vtuber who sings City pop? He showcases his impeccable taste regularly, at clubs and the infamous listening bar Brilliant Corners, in Dalston. For anyone that keeps their ears tuned to music on the periphery, Japan has revealed some incredible sounds in the last few years. Tracklist:Yasuko Agawa - L.A. Night (1980-Invitation)Manna - Yellow Magic Carnival (1980-Epic/Sony)Yumi Arai - Anata Dake No Mono / あなただけのもの (1980-Alfa)Minako Yoshida - Uptown (1983-Alfa)Yumi Seino - You \u0026 I (1981-Blow Up)Taeko Ohnuki - Summer Connection (1984 Panam/Crown)Yasuko Agawa - Meant To Be (1980-Invitation)Taeko Ohnuki - 4:00 A.M. (1978-RCA)Aiko ‎- Time Machine (Reissue of 2 tracks from Aiko - “My Home Town” LP on ADY Recording, Inc. (ADY-1990))Taeko Ohnuki - 海と少年 (1978-RCA)Rie Nakahara - Togire Togirete (1978- CBS/Sony)Haruko Kuwana - そして電話のベルは (1979-Philips)Kimiko Kasai - バイブレイション (1977-CBC/Sony)当山ひとみ - Sexy Robot (1983-Columbia)Yasuko Agawa - New York Afternoon (Reissue; HMV-1987)My Analog Journal on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/myanalogjournal/Zagor on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/terlat/My Analog Journal on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/myanalogjournal/?ref=br_rsMy Analog Journal on Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/myanalogjournal/Turntables I use:Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable - SilverMixer I use:Traktor Z2Camera I use:Panasonic GH4R For the first volume of the Wamono compilation series, the duo have selected rare Japanese funk, soul, groove and disco records released between 1968 and 1980. At first glance, its features of funk, disco, R&B, soul and adult-orientated rock (AOR) seem unremarkable for the 1970s and ’80s, perhaps even a subplot in the homogenization of global pop music.. That is, however, where city pop’s indistinctions end. Post comment. 100% Upvoted. Stream 80s Japanese :: City Pop / Jazz Fusion, a playlist by freddyriku from desktop or your mobile device. At the time soul and funk became popular, English wasn’t a commonly well spoken language in Japan. TOKYO GIRL Minako Honda. A few years ago—thanks in part to our feature on the best overlooked Japanese disco tracks from the ’80s—crate diggers and music heads around the world fell in love with the sound of city pop. level 2. Temptation Minako Honda. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more. Stream 和せい〜Funky 80's Japanese Pop・[peep Mixcloud for more citypop mixes!] In this set I played some of my favourite Japanese female singers from 70's to early 80's. 60 comments. It also includes Yuji Toriyama and Ken Morimura’s album recorded for ’80s daytime aerobics television, which you can see and hear above. ×. Mid '70s and '80s Japan is in the spotlight as we take a trip back in time. Online, everywhere. Piper - Summer Breeze by dentingdentum published on 2017-05-04T12:50:49Z. i am waiting for the inevitable Plastic Love cover. 殺意のバカンス Minako Honda. https://www.mixcloud.com/boogie80/80s-japanese-boogie-funk-vol1 Comments. - stream 16 japanese funk playlists including funk, japanese, and 80s music from your desktop or mobile device. share. Listen to Low Resolution 8 - 70s/80s Japanese Jazz/Funk/Fusion Set by Mixed Feelings for free. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Stream 80s Japanese Funk, a playlist by r3d_aiko from desktop or your mobile device. from your desktop or mobile device. save. 裸の王様, ダイナマイトに火をつけろ, 笑いっぱなしの島, パヤパヤ, 在中国的少年 and more. Share. Wamono A to Z follows 180g’s release of Ajate’s Alo – one of our favourite albums from March. 80s Japanese Funk by r3d_aiko published on 2020-12-07T14:17:21Z. The sound of Japan’s City Pop scene preceded the even sunnier sounds of J-Pop, with a sound that drew from so many sources. ☀️The second part of the 80s Japanese Fusion Summer Mix series, put together by Shu Suzuki & Dckne. Yuji Toriyama is an unsung guitarist/producer outside of Japan, but he left some beautiful tracks throughout 80s on his albums and had so many pop music hits under his production from 90s onwards. The economy was strong, real estate was booming, and life in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka was grand. 7 months ago. report. The playlist features familiar names like Haruomi Hosono, but also a whole slew of music from weird locations. Aru Takamura - … Japanese Fusion is a style of music heavily influenced by western Jazz, soul and funk but with a completely Japanese take. Report Save.